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The Harwood Station Heritage Museum Foundation
(HSHM Foundation)

The Harwood Station Heritage Museum Foundation (HSHM Foundation) will be  incorporated as a charitable organization and formed to develop, and execute, a plan to raise sufficient funds and operational knowledge to support taking the Museum from “Vision” to “Reality”.

The Foundation is seeking individuals who have a strong interest in, or are passionate about our heritage and would be willing participants in assisting the Foundation achieving both the “Vision” and “Mission”.

We need assistance in the following areas:

  1. creation of marketing materials for fundraising
  2. creation of contact lists for fundraising
  3. presentation, event planning and public relations skills
  4. individuals with accounting or legal backgrounds.
  5. volunteers in the many areas of  building a unique organization

If you wish to join this team, please contact:

Joanne Bird
Harwood, Ontario
K0K 2H0